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PolishDevs is a studio of multidisciplinary designers and engineers that conceive, design, and fabricate high-tech contemporary art creations and apps.

Our goal is to create developments that appeal to the widest of audiences and attempt to extend that experience via the web to people around the world.


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Shopify - a flexibility to grow with your business

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Best online ordering systems for restaurants and small businesses

On-line ordering systems software for restaurants and shops

We are launching on-line reservation systems for restaurants and bars. Simply speaking we are helping to move your business into online sales. A new era of distance selling even if this distance is next corner. Your customers stay at home while you are taking online orders via our web application. 

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Our ordering system makes a great, user-friendly software with an easy dashboard to navigate. It's easy for your customers too.

As interest is growing among peoples for web-based restaurant, so are the requirement for autonomous restaurants to discover arrangements that let clients peruse their menus, select choices and pay for their carryout or conveyance orders on the web. There are a few restaurants requesting frameworks accessible that basically let you input your menu data to make a basic requesting stage you can incorporate individually site or versatile application.

Food delivery software

Streamline your to-go business, increase sales, and build customer loyalty with smarter food ordering software.

Our goal is to help you improve the process of orders, all while giving your customers multiple ways to place their order. Nearly half of consumers are Millennials, and 90% of Millennials use their mobile devices.

Online orders are typically 20-25% higher in price than phone orders. By implementing an online ordering system for your restaurant, you'll have the opportunity to upsell specific menu items, process large group orders, and even use marketing automation to increase sales.

Common questions

Do I need to pay for hosting or get my own?
No, PLDEVS takes care of it in the most secure and reliable way.

Is there a setup fees?
No, if you subscribe for a year or more. Otherwise, it is $1000. That covers branding the app as well as customer facing site.

How to define the areas I cover for delivery?
Our system is capable with calcuating distance beetween delivery point and your branch. You can manage delivery rates for particular routes easily. 

Can specify the working hours?
Yes, you can specify the working hours for each branch so your customers are informed that you’re closed right now. Also, if you close a branch for good, you can deactivate it.

Is there a transaction fee?
No, you can receive unlimited orders for a fixed monthly cost.

Can I cancel my subscription?
Yes, once if you don't want to renew your subscription any more.

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